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My name's Jake Conley and I'm a software designer and developer from Nashville, TN. I'm a fifth-year Computer Systems Engineering student at the University of Georgia in Athens, set to graduate this May. I've worked at the Small Satellite Research Laboratory here at UGA for 3 years, and you can read more about that and more on my projects page.

I've been writing code since I was 12 years old, and software engineering has been my passion since then. I started off writing mods for the games I was playing, and eventually graduated to writing web and mobile apps, and finally more complex algorithmic software like my work at the SSRL. My favorite language is Swift.

I have an obsession for music, in all of its forms. I've played saxophone since childhood and guitar since high school, and have recently bought a MIDI keyboard and begun experimenting with electronic music production. However, I'm most interested in the mathematical analysis of music. Recently, my main project has been a music streaming app called Muze, which at the moment is focused on redefining the experience of streaming music, but in the future I intend to do novel research and development in fields such as music AI as part of that project.

In addition to music, I love hockey and spicy food. It's the way of my people in Nashville. I'm a very big fan of dogs. My favorite movie is The Royal Tenenbaums and my favorite beer is a Russian imperial stout called Old Rasputin by North Coast brewing.

And that's about all I can think of! I love meeting people and collaborating on projects, so feel free to reach out to me below!